Tofu Dessert

Sep 19, 2018

Tofu Dessert - Traditional Chinese Medicine

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, all the organs are closely linked and inter-related to each other. Especially for skin, the lungs are key in providing nutrition and supports the skin functions. To achieve healthy skin, we must first nourish the lungs. When lung 'qi' is weak, it results in dry skin and dull complexion. 中医认为“肺主皮毛”,一旦肺气不足,就会导致皮肤干燥、面容憔悴等问题, 所以保养皮肤要先从补肺做起. 

Chuan Bei and Bitter and Sweet Almonds are great for nourishing the lungs and the stomach. Tofu is nutritious and in TCM, it has a cooling character and works on the stomach, spleen and large intestines. It helps to clear heat and toxins from the body, balances the digestive system,smooths body joints and moistens the skin. Tofu is rich in minerals and has extremely low cholesterol and fat content. It not only strengthens bones and boosts immunity, the proteins present in tofu help improve the elasticity of skin, tones facial muscles and combats signs of aging. 

豆腐性味甘微寒,可补脾胃, 又能清热润燥。常吃豆腐可以保护肝脏,促进机体代谢,增加免疫力并且有解毒作用令肌肤重现白滑及光泽。豆腐可以阻碍黑色素的形成,令皮肤表面更加美白细致。



Chuan Bei Tofu Dessert 川贝母豆腐汤

 Ingredients材料 (serves 2)

  1. Tofu 300g ; 豆腐 300克
  2. Fritillary bulb 30g ; 川贝母30克
  3. Bitter & Sweet Almonds 30g ; 南北杏 ; 2 茶匙
  4. Rock sugar 20g ; 冰糖20g

Tofu Dessert - Traditional Chinese Medicine


  1. Wash the Fritillary bulb and bitter and sweet almonds and use a mortar and pestle to slightly crush it. This allows faster cooking. 将川贝母和南北杏冲洗后打碎成粗米状。
  2. Put all ingredients into a pot of water (500ml) and boil for 1hour. 将材料放入锅,加水以大火烧沸,再以小火煮1小时。

tofu dessert, boiling with chuanbei3. Best eaten warm. 即可饮用。

tofu chuan bei dessert

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