Snow pear with peony root

Sep 27, 2018

Stewed Snow Pear with Bai Shao (Peony root) 白芍炖雪梨 in traditional chinese medicine

In traditional chinese medicine, the root of the Peony flower (Bai Shao, Paeonia lactiflora) is commonly used for beauty, treating pale complexion, facial pigmentation and lack of radiance. When stewed with snow pear, it’s a dessert that moisturises, treats pigmentation and improves natural radiance.

It is also commonly used to nourish the blood & Qi. It also nourishes Yin energy which is beneficial for women and conditions which are lack of yin. It also has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects.

When stewed with snow pear & ginseng, this dessert not only provides moisturising benefits & vit C but also improves the metabolism of the skin, getting rid of toxins and improving the blood circulation.  

在中医理论中,白芍味甘、酸,性微寒,有养血的作用,可以治疗面色萎黄、面部色斑、无光泽。它对于人体具有补气益血、消炎, 滋养调理血气的作用,对人体阴气尤其是女性具有很好地治疗作用。

雪梨富含水分, 能促进人体代谢,具维生素C,可改善肌肤暗沉。

Stewed Snow Pear with Bai Shao (Peony root) 白芍炖雪梨 

Ingredients材料 (serves 2)

  1. Snow Pear 500g ; 雪梨500 克
  2. Root of Peony 10g ; 白芍 10克
  3. American Ginseng 10g ; 西洋参 10 克
  4. Rock Sugar small piece; 冰糖 一小块 (optional)
  5. Red dates 4 pcs ;红枣 4个
  6. Water 400ml ; 水 400ml

 Traditional Chinese Medicine - Snow pear with peony root


  1. Rinse the pear, remove skin & core and cut into small pieces. 将雪梨冲洗,去皮,挖出梨心, 切成小快。
  2. Rinse the red dates, remove the seed. 将红枣冲洗去心。
  3. Rinse the peony root and American ginseng and soak them in the water for 20mins. 将白芍与西洋参冲洗,放入水里浸泡20分钟。
  4. Add the pear & dates to the soaked ingredients, bring to the boil 佛如10mins and then turn down to low heat to boil for 1 hour. 放入雪梨和红枣,以大火煮滚10分钟,再转小火炖1小时。
  5. Add the rock sugar during last 10 mins to taste. 加入冰糖调味即可。

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