Huang Qi Whitening Tea

Aug 06, 2018

Huang Qi Whitening Tea 黄芪美白茶 - TCM Beauty

This TCM beauty whitening tea has whitening properties and is able to reduce facial melanin pigmentation. 这美白茶能起到美白肌肤的效果,有效减少脸部黑色素沉着。

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tcm beauty huang qi

Ingredients材料 (serves 2)

  1. Huang Qi 20g ; 黄芪 20g
  2. Angelica Dahurica (Angelica Root) 50 g ; 白芷50g
  3. Safflower 5g ; 红花5g
  4. Honey (as needed) ; 蜂蜜(适量)
  5. Water 1L ; 水 1L


  1. Rinse all ingredients with water. 将黄芪和其他材料冲洗一下。
  2. Add into pot and boil all together using medium heat for 1 hour ; 将黄芪、白芷、红花加入水,文火煲一个小时即可用。
  3. Add honey to taste if desired. 可以加蜂蜜。
  4. Each pot can be divided in 3 doses throughout the day. 每日一剂,分23次服用。


  1. Not suitable for pregnant, breastfeeding or during menses. 月经期间女性不适宜饮用;孕妇不适宜饮用。
  2. Not suitable during a cold or fever. 感冒发热的人不能饮用