Huang Qi Beauty Tea

Aug 01, 2018

Huang Qi TCM Beauty Tea 黄芪补血美容茶

This TCM beauty tea improves immunity & supports liver & eye functions, it’s great for those with poor blood and Qi energy. The increase in blood and qi circulation helps to improve skin circulation and helps remove toxins from our skin, reducing inflammation & improves skin functions. Since it's good for our eyes, It’s suitable for those who are always on the computer.


Ingredients材料 (serves 2)

  1. Huang Qi 15g; 黄芪 15g
  2. Goji berries 15 g; 枸杞子 15g
  3. Red dates 15g; 红枣 15g
  4. Water 1L ; 水 1L


  1. Rinse all ingredients with water. Wash the red dates and remove the seeds. Cut half or into smaller pieces. 将黄芪,枸杞子冲洗一下,红枣洗净,去核沿着横截面切成一半。
  2. Add into pot and boil all together using medium heat for 1 hour ; 将黄芪、红枣、枸杞加水,文火煲一个小时即可用。
  3. Each pot can be divided in 3 doses throughout the day. 每日一剂,分2~3次服用。


  1. Not suitable for pregnant, breastfeeding or during menses. 月经期间女性不适宜饮用;孕妇不适宜饮用。
  2. Not suitable during a cold or fever. 感冒发热的人不能饮用

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