Fu Ling Slimming Tea

Aug 06, 2018

TCM beauty - Fu Ling Slimming Tea

Fu Ling (Poria) can be taken internally or used externally. As a key TCM beauty (Traditional Chinese Medicine) herb, Fu Ling has whitening properties, it can reduce freckles & melanoma. 

Fu Ling not only has whitening properties, it can reduce water retention as its a good diuretic. Hence its commonly used for slimming purposes. This tea is good for slimming and also supports the spleen and stomach. Addition of corn silk increases its efficacy and also aids in relieving of dampness from the body, making slimming more effective.

Here we have some recipes for Slimming Tea


  • fu ling fungus; 福靈木耳; 
  • A little water 一點水

    Mix both together to form a paste. 将蜂蜜与茯苓粉调成糊状即成

    Leave on for 20-30 mins or overnight. After that, Wash off with warm water. 用在清洁的脸上,放20-30分种,用清水洗去即可。

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