Beauty Tips

Your TCM Beauty Timetable

Feb 13, 2019

Do you know what is the best time to do a facial massage? Or when is the best time to put your facial mask so our skin can absorb it best? 

Following the principles of TCM beauty practices, we believe what we do should be in harmony with the body's functions. Hence we try to adapt our beauty regimens to suit our body's natural rhythm or natural processes to ensure maximum effect for the best results. We may not have all the time just to focus on beauty regimes, so let's ensure whatever we do is effective. 



Skin Processes

Beauty tips

0600 - 0800hr

In the morning, our skin has gone through repair and metabolism throughout the night so it may be dirty and covered with metabolic waste.

There are excretions from the adrenal cortex and slowing down of cell regeneration during this time ; Lymphatic drainage is also slow leading to water retention especially around the eyes and on the face.

Always cleanse skin after waking up to remove the dirt and oil that's produced overnight.

This is a good time to do some light facial massage or use a Jade facial roller to aid lymphatic drainage. Apply eye cream with some light massage or use a cool Jade roller to relieve puffy eyes. You can place the Jade roller in the fridge to cool it more.

0800 - 1000hr

During this time, our blood vessels are contracted and our skin is in its best condition.

Skin metabolism is at its highest, skin secretions are also at its highest point.

Drink more water during this time to help our skin get rid of metabolism by-products.

If you are a smoker, do not smoke during this time, as it will increase the speed of aging during this time. In general, smoking increases free-radicals and increases rate of aging and this is especially evident on our face, so it is best to stop smoking to benefit your skin.

1000 - 1200hr

Skin metabolism and circulation is good during this time and there may be some signs of oil on nose area or T-zone due to active secretions.

Avoid using alcohol-based products or alcohol-containing skincare products during this time as skin is more sensitive and prone to redness during this period.

1200 - 1600hr

Blood pressure and hormone secretion levels are declining. After lunch, you may also feel slightly sluggish or tired, there may be some appearance of wrinkles due to the decreased blood pressure and tiredness.

Taking a 10min power nap allows our skin to relax and rejuvenate. It also helps to refresh our tired appearance.

1600 – 2000hr

Skin metabolism and blood circulation picks up again.

This is a good time to drink more water and replenish any lost fluids. This is also a good time to use a hydrating mist to hydrate our face. Doing a facial massage during this time is the best to stimulate collagen regeneration and prevent wrinkles formation.

2000 – 2300hr

At night, small capillaries (or small tiny blood vessels) are at its weakest and our blood pressure also starts to decline at night.

Light relaxing facial massage is beneficial, do not use too much pressure. You can use a Rose Quartz Facial Roller for its relaxing benefits and have a restful sleep.

During dinner or at night, avoid food that is high in salt and oil to prevent puffy face and eyes in the morning.

2300 – 0500hr

Our skin enters its repair & regeneration mode and there are high levels of activity to repair and regenerate any damage to skin. This is also the best time for skin to absorb any nutrients.

Sleeping before 11pm is crucial to allow the body to rest and start the regeneration and rebuilding process. It is also crucial to get enough hours of sleep daily- recommended minimum 7-8 hours of sleep depending on individual needs.

This is the best time for skin to absorb any skincare, so don’t forget your nightly routine of Serum, night creams and Sleeping masks. Sleeping mask is crucial especially if you sleep in air-conditioned room as the skin dries out throughout the night and night cream may not be enough to form an effective barrier to prevent excess moisture lost.