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8 Best Natural TCM Skincare Ingredients for Sensitive Skin

Jul 05, 2024

According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) philosophy, your skin’s health is related to the flow of qi in the body. Any disruptions to the flow of qi can lead to an imbalance, leaving your body feeling ill. Good health is nourished from the inside out, and the health of the body's internal systems is also reflected on the outside.
Your skin is part of this intricate system and the imbalance you’re experiencing can explain why you have acne, eczema, psoriasis or sensitive skin issues. If you’re looking to improve your skincare, here are 8 natural TCM skincare ingredients that you can introduce to your diet to treat your skincare woes.

8 Best Natural TCM Skincare Ingredients for Sensitive Skin | Serene SkinLab

1.  Angelica Polymorpha Sinensis (Dong Quai)

Also known as the “female ginseng” in TCM, dong quai is traditionally used to improve women’s health and various other conditions.

Dong quai has proven to be effective in treating eczema due to its anti-inflammatory abilities. Its dermatological effects can brighten your skin tone by interfering with the production of melanin, a skin pigment that makes skin darker, as well as improving blood circulation for healthier skin.

It can even promote further skin vitality with its incredible anti-ageing properties, so it’s no surprise that it’s used in many beauty products. Besides skin health, the root of this herb may also be added to Chinese herbal soup recipes to alleviate gynaecological ailments, fatigue, and mild anaemia.

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2.  Astragalus Membranaceus (Huang Qi)

Astragalus membranaceus root is rich in carbohydrates and vitamins A, C and E that strengthen the body and stimulate its defences. It also helps to regulate the synthesis of melanin and curb hyperpigmentation, as excess melanin can cause dark spots/areas on your skin.

On top of that, it also boasts antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, helping to protect your skin from harmful bacteria, free radicals and various toxins that can cause inflammation.

By increasing the skin's ability to fight oxidative stress, this ingredient greatly strengthens your skin’s function as a protective barrier while it evens out your skin tone and promotes its health and elasticity.

It also has plenty of other benefits for your body, including boosting your immune system’s capability to fight off infections, promote wound healing, and help with tissue and muscle regeneration. Consider making huang qi tea of your own to give yourself a much-needed health booster!

2. Chamomile (Yang Gan Ju)

You may know chamomile as a relaxing herb, commonly used in teas to promote calmness. This calming effect goes so far as to help remedy digestive problems, reduce menstrual cramps, improve sleep quality and reduce stress levels. Likewise, it works wonders on sensitive skin: it contains azulene which effectively treats dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis.

This is because azulene has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, helping to protect your skin from damage while rejuvenating your skin cells.

The polyphenols and phytochemicals contained in chamomile accelerate cell regeneration and promote skin healing. On top of its anti-irritant, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic properties, it’s no surprise that it’s frequently used in skincare products for treating sensitive skin.

3. Ginseng (Ren Shen)

If you’ve ever had dermatitis (the swelling and irritation of the skin), you know how uncomfortable it can be. Dermatitis causes skin inflammation that causes itchiness or dry skin, and it may even make your skin start to flake or blister. 

Thankfully, ginseng can help alleviate these problems, as it’s rich in the active compound ginsenosides. Ginsenosides have plenty of medicinal value: most notably, it has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antitumor properties.

As such, it’s able to fight off free radicals and maintain your skin’s blood circulation and oxygenation, even going so far as to increase collagen production in the skin. All of this contributes to making your skin look youthful.

Ginseng’s anti-inflammatory properties also promote the production of skin-soothing substances to aid in the wound-healing process. Ginseng also detoxifies your blood, contributing to a clearer complexion and healthier skin.

4. Green Tea or Camellia Sinensis Leaf (Lu Cha)

Green tea has widely been used across Chinese history for its many health and beautifying benefits. Green tea’s active ingredient is polyphenols, also known as catechins, which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is one such catechin found abundantly in green tea. Its properties lend it the ability to soothe skin irritation and redness, reduce excess sebum production, and help resolve issues associated with conditions like acne, rosacea and eczema.

In curbing acne, EGCG reduces lipid (or fatty) levels and also controls the production of hormones called androgens. High androgen levels are known to cause an increase in sebum production, which can clog pores while also promoting bacterial growth.

Green tea essentially helps your skin fight back against the root cause of various skin conditions while also promoting its renewal by repairing damage to the skin cells and soothing the skin.

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5. Honeysuckle or Lonicera Japonica Flower (Jin Yin Hua)

Historically, Japanese honeysuckle has been used in Chinese medicine for a very long time. Honeysuckle is known to help treat fevers, inflammation, and even skin infections. Much like green tea, it also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties derived from its rich blend of compounds like flavonoids and saponins. Being very gentle on the skin, it’s also known to help stop itching and soothe the skin. 

The Lonicera japonica flower can also potentially help control sebum production and curb the growth of acne-causing bacteria. The natural antibacterial properties of this ingredient make it excellent for treating acne symptoms and preventing breakouts while also cleansing your skin thoroughly. Apart from that, it’s known to help with uneven skin tone and dullness thanks to its natural skin conditioning abilities. This also lends to its protection against sun damage and signs of ageing.

6. Pearl Powder (Zhen Zhu Fen)

Pearl powder is known to augment the skin's restorative properties, activating fibroblast production to support the healing process. This is because it contains nacre, which helps in the regeneration of fibroblasts and osteoblasts that are needed for maintaining your tissues and bones. Your skin slowly regenerates and repairs itself over time, gradually causing scars to fade. Pearl powder helps speed up this process, leading to healthier-looking skin.

Pearl powder also has the benefits of the complex protein called conchiolin. This protein can help promote healthy collagen production and improve various other functions of the skin, especially in renewing skin cells and keeping your skin youthful. Conchiolin also helps inhibit melanin production so you can have a more even skin tone.

7.  Poria Cocos (Fu Ling)

Poria is a type of mushroom and is another common component of TCM. Its extract possesses an antioxidant nature, enabling it to fight off free radicals and protect your skin’s vitality.

It also produces anti-inflammatory effects both internally and externally, helping to soothe irritated skin.

Fu ling also has astringent properties: this draws water out of tissues, causing the skin to tighten, close up pores, and even remove excess sebum and bacteria. It can be viewed as a purifying agent for your skin while still offering much-needed moisture at the same time to let the skin remain supple.

The extract also helps form a protective layer on the skin to keep environmental irritants at bay while maintaining skin moisture.


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