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TCM for Eczema Prone skin

Sep 02, 2020

How Can TCM Help With Eczema?

In several countries including China, Japan and Korea, Traditional Chinese medicine or TCM has a wide history of treating many problems one of which is eczema. The main aim of TCM is not to deal with the disease alone but also checking the underlying reasons and establish a balance. In traditional terms, it is called maintaining the yin-yang or maintaining harmony and balance.

Eczema is associated with several symptoms that lead to a series of blotchy spots on the skin which are extremely itchy. It causes both mental and physical anguish in the patients. Topical medications and steroids can ease the symptoms but they will lead to additional side effects. Moreover these medications only treat the symptoms but not the underlying problem. But if you use TCM for treating your eczema, you will not only get positive results, but you can also avoid any further side effects and possibly get relief for many years to come. Eczema is only an initial problem after which several allergies and other health problems follow. When you use steroids in the treatment of eczema, they can never cure it from the roots. Allergic problems are often a by-product of disturbance of balance in the immune system. Hence we need to look further for the root cause.

Traditional Chinese Medicine can help with that. All the imbalances in the body and modulated with the right combination of creams, lotions, pills and different types of teas. Acupuncture has also been proven to help in such situations. All of these procedures when used in the right manner will calm down your immune system and it will not be too much reactive to the allergens. In TCM, eczema and dermatitis are related to excess heat, dampness and wind. As we already know, our Skin and Lungs are closely related, hence skin disorders are seen as imbalance in the Lungs. The focus of treatment would be to remove excess heat, excess dampness and excess wind and strengthen the Lungs by nourishing the Blood & Qi. Every patient is different so treatment is customized to the individual depending on their problem whether it’s excess heat or dampness or wind or combination of all three. Similar to Western Medicine, moisturizing the skin is commonly part of the treatment protocol as this helps to keep the skin moist and prevent itch and helps skin heals faster.

It is very important for you to treat your whole body with TCM. Every organ of your body is dependent on the other. Treating your whole body can be a long, extensive process but once you do that, you will feel much better in the long term. With TCM, every patient gets his/her own customized treatment procedures because not everyone needs the same set of herbs. So why not give TCM treatments a try if you are facing skin problems such as Eczema and Dermatitis and Western medicine is not adequate for your problems or worse still causing more side effects than they should. Do visit your trusted TCM Doctor/ practitioner in Singapore or Chinese Medical Halls to find out more on what you need.

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