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Skin Benefits of Yu Zhu

Nov 05, 2019

Solomon’s Seal Rhizome (Yu Zhu)

Properties: Sweet, Slightly Cold

Main effects: Nourishes Lung and Stomach Yin, Moistens Dryness

Yu Zhu Solomon's Seal The rhizome of the perennial herbaceous plant Polygonatum odoratum ( Mill.) Druce of family Liliaceae

Solomon’s Seal (Yu Zhu, 玉竹)tastes sweet and is mildly cold in nature and belongs to a group of herbs that tonify Yin. Yu Zhu has significant effects in nourishing Yin, moistens internal dryness, stimulates saliva secretion and quenches thirst. Due to its health benefits, this Chinese TCM herb is often used to brew herbal soups, confinement soups, suppress cough, clear internal heat, dryness of mouth and sore throat. It is nourishing yet not too cold or heaty in nature, making it suitable for a wide audience.

Solomon's Seal Yu Zhu Flower

It is commonly used to treat dry cough, dry throat, irritability, and thirst. It works for cough with scanty, sticky sputum or chronic respiratory disorders. It is commonly used to treat symptoms of stomach Yin Deficiency including hunger but no desire to eat, dull epigastric pain, stomach discomfort, dry mouth and dry tongue or constipation.

Solomon’s Seal (Yu Zhu, 玉竹) has also been shown to have other health benefits such as:

  • Helping to regulate blood sugar levels in diabetics.

  • Controls cholesterol levels in the body

  • Boosts immune system

  • Reduces pain and inflammation in the joints

  • Reduces painful menstrual cramps

  • Soothes dry throat and cough

  • Improves lung function

  • Keeps Heart healthy with cardio-tonic contents

  • Keeps blood pressure healthy

  • Anti-inflammatory and stress reliever

Its rhizome contains proteins, amino acids, asparaginemucilage, a cardio-tonic glycosidesaponin, and quinine gluconate. It is also rich in Vitamin A, niacin, flavonoids and sugars that support skin repair, maintains skin tone and elasticity and a smooth and fair complexion.

Solomon’s Seal belongs to group of TCM Beauty herbs, possesses good moisturising properties especially for skin, reduces itch, whitens complexion and lightens dark spots. It is very effective for anti-aging and promoting a clear and fair complexion. It is highly recommended by TCM drs and commonly used in Chinese Herbal Soups and can be taken regularly for its skin benefits. This dry herb can be easily found in Singapore Chinese Medical Halls, dry food section of supermarkets. 

Skin benefits of Yu Zhu

  • Tones and moisturizes skin

  • Reduces dark spots

  • Anti-aging and gives a glowing complexion

  • Heals acne and reduces pus formation

  • Prevents enlargement of skin vessels that causes Rosacea

  • Good hair tonic, reduces hair fall and promotes hair growth

Contraindications & Cautions

Do not use in cases of loose stools due to its slight cold nature. People with deficiency of spleen must consume with caution.

Did you know?

Dry, Itchy Skin prone to Eczema and Dermatitis can be caused by many factors- such as excess wind, dampness and heat. Nourishing the Lungs are key in treating skin diseases as the lung and the skin are closely related in TCM. 

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