Beauty Tips Rooted with TCM for Natural Skin

Can we achieve the Korean Glass Skin with TCM?

Mar 25, 2020

[Part 1] Can we achieve the Korean ‘Glass’ Skin with TCM?

First, what does it mean to have the Korean “Glass Skin”? There are 3 main components:

  1. Skin Texture- It refers to having exceptionally smooth texture, clear and pore-less with no bumps or blemishes.

  2. Skin Complexion- Having an even-toned complexion with no spots and blemishes and beneath the skin surface, it should be so moisturised that it looks moist, plumped-up, firm and dewy.

  3. Light Reflection- Having an almost transparent skin look, that its catches and reflects light or has that glow-from-within kind of look.

With so much hype around Glass skin, in the end it really boils down to having clear, healthy radiant and glowing skin!

How can we achieve this Glass skin look? And we don’t mean using makeup or camera filters.

Achieving this dream requires lots & lots of consistent, hard work. There are many skin care routines to follow but what many misses is the skin nutrition & lifestyle habits. Achieving Glass Skin is multi-dimensional- not only what you apply on the skin, but what you eat or drink, your lifestyle habits are important too!

According to the K-beauty experts, the basic skincare routine must consist of the below basic steps:

  1. Cleansing Step 1 – use a cleansing oil or micellar water to ensure all makeup, oil, dirt and impurities are cleansed off completely.

  2. Cleansing Step 2 – Use a gentle foam or cream cleanser. Double cleansing is key to remove impurities and ensure our face is clean and ready to absorb the other skincare products we are going to pile on. It is important ro use a gentle cleanser that does not strip off the natural moisture of the skin and result in overly dry skin. Our Renew Cleanser with TCM herbs gently removes impurities and dirt while maintaining the balance, nourishing & hydrating the skin with coconut oil and amino acids and calms the skin with Chamomile.

  3. Exfoliate – an essential step to clear away dead skin cells that dulls our skin complexion and clog pores. Exfoliate 2-3 times a week with a product suitable for your skin type.

  4. Tone – K Beauty toners focus more on balancing our skin’s PH and hydration more than being just an astringent which can be too drying. Some experts even advocate layering up to 7 layers of toners to achieve deep hydration and to prepare the skin for other products.

  5. Essence – is like a lighter, less concentrated version of a serum. The key ingredient is water and it is extremely hydrating yet light. It should get absorbed easily and main effect is to hydrate and brighten skin.

  6. Serum – more concentrated than essences, a serum should not only be hydrating but also multi-task: nourish the skin, reverse effects of aging such as reducing fine lines, plumps up your skin by stimulating collagen production for firmness, maintains the oil and moisture balance in your skin throughout the day, minimises pore and evens out skin tone. The Renew Serum is exactly all that! Shop now!

  7. Moisturise – Find a moisturiser that is lightweight and super hydrating that is suitable for your skin type. It should not cause breakouts and have a calming and brightening effect. Not to forget the eye area as well. The eye area is more sensitive and delicate so ensure your eye cream is lightweight yet super hydrating and nourishing. Look for products that use nourishing natural ingredients and powerful antioxidants without additives or preservatives that may harm/sensitise your skin in the long term. Serenity Calming repair cream is all natural, hydrating, nourishing and repairs your skin’s barrier over time so it is healthy and resistant to external irritants or pollutants. So natural its suitable for young children and babies too.

  8. Facial Mask – Applying a face mask is the easiest way to soothe tired skin, repair damage and lock in moisture. If you have no time, a sleeping mask would be a good time-saver as it does its magic while you are sleeping. If you are in an air-conditioned room most of the time, it is usually too drying for our skin. It is essential to ensure you lock in and replenish the moisture lost throughout the day. Our skin starts to repair and regenerate when we sleep, so sleeping before 11pm is crucial to ensure this process is not compromised. Renew Mask is the perfect sleeping mask for you- it recharges and renews your skin while you sleep with powerful antioxidants that delays aging stimulates collagen regeneration and locks in the moisture with Hyaluronic Acid. Wake up to refreshed, radiant and glowing skin.

Follow us next week for Part 2- What else can we do ? Where does TCM come in?