Looking good for the holidays with the Lotus leaf Traditional Chinese Medicine??

The holiday season is almost here! Some of us may have a few more kilograms to shed and fit into that beautiful party dress. Here’s a quick tip to aid in your weightless journey. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the lotus leaf is slightly bitter, and mild, and is attributed to the Stomach, Liver and Spleen meridians. The main functions of lotus leaf are to dispel heat, dampness, stop bleeding and invigorate the blood. Bitter ingredients like lotus leaves tend to have a cleansing action on the body by clearing heat, drying dampness and promoting elimination via urination or bowel movements. The Lotus Leaf is commonly used in TCM to treat high blood pressure, hyperglycemia, prevent coronary heart disease, fatty liver, biliary gall stones. It is also used to aid digestion, increase metabolism of fats and reduces water retention, promotes bowel movements and aid weight loss.

Why the Lotus Leaf is a good choice to aid in weight loss:

1. Fast action, effects can be seen in 1 month.

2. Cheap and affordable option due to abundant supply of the lotus leaves.

3. Generally safe to be consumed for majority, considered to be more of a food than medicine. No special precautions needed.

4. Versatile, easy to prepare and consume. Drank as tea or cooked in soups or porridge. Commonly used in Chinese cooking for Dim sum like the Lotus Leaf Rice.

Lotus Leaf Rice

5.Helps to change your dietary habits and preferences over time naturally to prefer food that’s light and less oily.

6.There is no need to skip meals or change diet patterns drastically.

7.There is no rebound effect after slimming.

8.Helps to clear the bowels and prevent constipation. This effect also helps in detox and slimming.

9.Increase body’s metabolism especially metabolism of fats and less water retention.

The Lotus leaf Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dried Lotus Leaves (in Pic)

Lotus Leaf Recipes

1) Lotus Leaf Tea 干荷叶茶

Rinse the dried lotus leaves (15- 30 g each time) and cut into smaller pieces. Pour boiling water and steep for 15 mins in a glass. Repeat for 2-3 times daily for 1 month for weight loss effect. 干荷叶撕成小片,备用。每次用15-30克,用大茶杯,开水泡15分钟,出茶色即可,每日2-3次,连服1个月。

2) Lotus Leaf with Hawthorne Berries Tea 山楂荷叶消脂茶

15 g of Hawthorne Berry 山楂(dried) and 15 g of Dried Lotus leaves荷叶 Rinse the dried ingredients, add into 500 ml of boiling water, boil for 5 mins and strain. 用500毫升开水煮沸,放入所有材料,滚煮5分钟,取汁饮用。

3) Red Dates with Rose and Lotus Leaf Tea 红枣玫瑰荷叶茶

Red Dates 红枣 (10 pcs) , Rose Buds 玫瑰花 ( 4 buds) , Hawthorne berries 山楂(10 pcs) , Lotus leaf 荷叶(30 g), White daisy flower buds 白菊花(6 buds) Rinse everything and put into pot of boiling water (1 l).Boil for 15 mins and strain. Can be stored in fridge and drink one glass a day. Once body is used to it, can be drank 2-3 times daily. 把以上东西放在一起煮熟,大约十五分钟。把东西都倒掉,只留红枣和汤。煮好的茶水放入冰箱储存,喝的时候要加热一下。初期一天一杯,等身体适应了,就代替茶水喝。

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