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Benefits of Hawthorne

Oct 10, 2018

TCM Beauty - Hawthorne Berry

The Hawthorne fruit is sour and sweet in flavors, slightly warm in nature, and mainly manifests its therapeutic actions in the spleen, stomach and liver meridians. It enhances digestion, relieves food retention, promotes Qi circulation and removes blood stasis. The Hawthorne fruit is not only rich in Vitamins B, C, and E. It is also rich in antioxidant flavoring compounds that has shown benefit for anti-aging and heart health especially. Hawthorne is commonly used in TCM for beauty, helping in detoxification, slimming, most importantly for its anti-aging benefits.

山楂味酸,甘,性微温。入药归脾,胃,肝经,有消食化积,活血散瘀的功效。山楂富含维生素B,C 与E。主要成分黄酮类物质对心血管系统有明显的药理作用。山楂具有美颜美容功效,能帮助身体排毒,减少体内脂肪,健脾消积,具有抗衰老的美颜功效。


Hawthorne is good for  skincare

Here is Hawthorne plant


Top 10 Benefits of Hawthorne 山楂的十大好处

  1. Improve skin renewal and metabolism; 改善肌肤更新与增强肌肤新陈代谢
  2. Prevents dark spots,hyper-pigmentation & dull skin by helping in detox; 把体内的毒素排出防止黑斑, 雀斑,皮肤暗沉的出现
  3. Aid in weight loss by boosting metabolism and decreasing absorption of fats; 山楂具有美颜瘦身的功效,增强新陈代谢有助于减肥瘦身,消除体内脂肪并减少脂肪吸收的功效
  4. Treats menstrual problems & improves uterus healing after delivery with its effect on promoting Qi circulation and removing blood stasis. 山楂具有活血化瘀的功效,对于血瘀引起的痛经病症有很好的疗效。山楂可以调经止痛, 也可以促进产后子宫的收缩与复原
  5. Anti-inflammatory effect due to Flavonoids, Vitamin C, carotene and other substances can prevent and reduce the production of free radicals, which in turn improves the body’s resistance and is anti-aging and anti-cancer; 山楂所含的黄酮类和维生素C、胡萝卜素等物质能阻断并减少自由基的生成,能增强机体的免疫力,有防衰老、抗癌的作用
  6. Lowers blood pressure; 山楂中的总黄酮有扩张血管和持久降压的作用
  7. Improves heart health by increasing blood supply to the heart muscles and improving output of the heart; 山楂有活血的作用,尤其是在出现心肌缺血的时候,吃一些山楂可以促进血液循环。山楂中的黄酮类化合物和水解产物,能够增加心肌营养性血流量。山楂还能够增强心肌的收缩能力,增强心脏的排血量
  8. Lowers cholesterol, overall lipid profile in particular LDL and improves HDL; 山楂中黄酮类化合物含量丰富,可以降低总胆固醇,提高好的胆固醇的浓度,降低坏胆固醇的浓度,有助与心血管疾病,有效防治动脉粥样硬化
  9. Treats indigestion by increasing the production of digestive enzymes slipcase and pro tease and gastric juices; 如果消化能力不是很好,山楂可以促进消化。山楂中含有脂肪酶,能够促进脂肪的消化,山楂中含有多种的有机酸,能够增强肠胃中胃液的酸度,从而提高胃蛋白酶的活性,促进蛋白质的消化,提升消化功能
  10. Hawthorn berries have anti-microbial properties so is also commonly used to treat diarrhea and stomach pains; 山楂中有抑制细菌、治疗腹痛腹泻的成分

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