Nourishing & Hydrating Rose Tea with Angelica & Goji Berries 补血滋润养颜茶

May 09, 2018


TCM Beauty - Nourishing & Hydrating Rose Tea with Angelica & Goji Berries 补血滋润养颜茶

Ingredients材料 in tcm beauty (serves 2-3) 

  1. Rose buds 5 pcs; 玫瑰5朵
  2. Angelica sinensis 3 grams; 当归 3克
  3. Goji berries 5 pcs; 枸杞子 5 颗
  4. Red dates 2 pcs; 红枣 2颗


  1. Rinse all ingredients with water. Wash the red dates and remove the seeds. Cut half or into smaller pieces. 将当归,枸杞子,玫瑰花冲洗一下,红枣洗净,去核沿着横截面切成一半。
  2. Use hot water at 80°C, as too high temperatures may destroy the vitamin C; 用80摄氏度的水泡制(水温过高会破坏维生素C)
  3. Cover & let it steep for 3 mins. Drink while warm. 盖杯盖浸泡3分钟、即可饮用


  1. Can also add some Goji berries if desired.
  2. I use a tea bag filter for easy clean up.
  3. If pregnant or menses are heavy flow, avoid drinking this tea as angelica & rose stimulates blood flow to the womb. 玫瑰花有活血散淤的作用,因此孕妇,月经量过多的人在经期最好不要饮用,否则出血量过多,损伤身体。

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