Flu Recovery Congee 感冒药粥

May 09, 2018

Traditional Chinese Medicine - Flu Recovery Pumpkin Red Bean Congee 南瓜红豆感冒药粥

In traditional chinese medicine, this sweet tasty congee helps to improve appetite, aids in digestion and helps protects the stomach membrane to help faster recovery from colds. It also helps in beautifying our skin since red bean is full of iron and replenishes blood, especially good for improving pale complexion.


Flu Recovery Congee in traditional chinese medicine

Ingredients材料 (serves 1)

  1. Rice 100 grams; 米 100 grams 
  2. Pumpkin 1 slice ; 南瓜 (适量)
  3. Red Beans 1 tsp;红豆 1 茶匙
  4. Sugar 6 grams (optional); 糖 6 grams 
  5. Water 7 parts ; 清水 7分


  1. Wash & soak the red beans overnight. 红豆泡发洗净。
  2. Wash & soak the rice for 30 mins. 米泡发洗净。
  3. Wash and remove pumpkin skin, cut into smaller pieces. 南瓜去皮洗净,切小块。
  4. Add in all the ingredients with 7-8 parts of water to rice. 放入锅,注入清水。
  5. Bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer and partially cover. Continue simmering for about 1 1/2 hours: Stir the congee occasionally during cooking — this will make it more creamy. 用大火煮然后改用小火煮至粥成后,调入白糖即可。
  6. Add some sugar(optional) to taste if desired.

Tips 小诀窍

  1. The pumpkin is mildly sweet so usually I don’t add sugar. Alternatively, you can serve with some honey when serving.
  2. If person is very weak, make the congee more watery, less thick.
  3. Do not reheat/re-cook congee, always eat freshly cooked.

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