Cooling Aloe Vera Dessert

Jun 06, 2018

Traditional Chinese Medicine - Cooling Aloe Vera Dessert

Ingredients材料 from traditional chinese medicine(serves 2-3)

  1. 1 Aloe Vera leave; 芦荟 1 片叶子
  2. Osman thus flowers 1 tbs; 桂花 1 汤匙
  3. Goji berries 2 tbs; 枸杞子 2 汤匙
  4. Honey (to taste); 蜜糖 (少许)
  5. Freshly squeezed lemon juice 2 tbs (or Lime juice); 柠檬汁 2 汤匙
  6. Water 2 liters; 清水 2l


  1. Prepare the aloe Vera cubes - remove the green skin with knife and cut into cubes, soak/rinse in water first(10 mins) to remove slime. 芦荟一节洗净,去皮洗掉粘液,切成丁。
  2. Put the cut aloe Vera into the water and boil for 5-10 mins till translucent. Add some rock sugar and allow it to dissolve. Turn of fire & let it cool. 放入锅中,加适量清水煮约10分钟,加入冰糖。
  3. Let the aloe sit in the pot to absorb the sweetness till cool. Drain off the water. (Aloe can be kept in fridge for future use if needed.) 让芦荟浸泡,把水倒掉,沥干(可收以后用)。
  4. Heat a pot of water, add the aloe, osthmanthus and goji berries when boiling. Turn off heat after 5 mins. 煮一锅水,加入芦荟,桂花和枸杞。煮约5分钟。
  5. Add honey if desired when the pot is cooler. 等凉了,加入蜜糖。
  6. Chill, before serving, add two tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice (I like lime so I used lime) for that refreshing taste. 冷冻后加入柠檬汁(或青柠汁)即可饮用。


  1. Avoid if pregnant or menstruating, not suitable if weak digestive system, eg. having diarrhea. 芦荟对于脾胃虚寒者应谨慎服。怀孕和经期的妇女应避免服用芦荟。
  2. Lemon juice and Honey should be added when cool to preserve the Vt C and nutritional value. 柠檬汁和蜜糖等凉了才加入可保持营养价值和维生素。

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Aloe Vera in traditional chinese medicine

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