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Key TCM Beauty Herbs

Jun 21, 2018

Key TCM Beauty Herbs

These are some of the key herbs used in TCM historically not only for general health but particularly for Beauty. These TCM Beauty herbs are also found in 5erenity2 ( pronounced as Serenity Square) renew range of skincare that's made in Singapore. 

1. Ginseng 人参

Qi, or the Vital energy of our body is the most important element that is needed for the proper functioning of our internal organs. If the Qi of the body deteriorate, the internal organs do not function as well, and the blood and fluid production will be compromised. A compromised Qi, blood and body fluid will result in languishing state with sallow and dry skin. 


Ginseng is able to rejuvenate the vital energy, blood and body fluid that is so essential to reduce the rate of skin degeneration, nourished the skin, reduce wrinkles and promoting smooth skin growth. 


2. Dang Gui 当归

duong qui tcm beauty

Dang Gui is a blood tonic, effective for people with sallow complexion. Dang Gui is able to nourish the skin texture, commonly used for wrinkled and dry skin. It is also very effective in treatment of freckles, melasma due to its properties in improving blood circulation.


3. Fu Ling  茯苓


Fu Ling plays a key role in TCM beauty. It is able to alleviate conditions of freckles, melasma and shown to have whitening properties. It is able to improve the spleen function and help in nutrients absorption needed to maintain healthy skin conditions.

Other than for beauty, Fu Ling is most commonly used for water-retention or to relieve edema. It removes dampness from the body。Fu Ling has anti-bacterial properties too, it has shown efficacy against E-coli and Staphy. aureus and with long term use, improves the immunity of the body. 

Due to its efficacy in reducing water retention, its can be used for slimming, drank as a tea. It can also can used externally- grounded into powder form, it can used for facial mask. 

Here we have a simple tea you can try for slimming and to reduce water retention/edema- Fu Ling Slimming Tea.

Fu Ling can be used externally as a mask - we have a simple mask recipe using Fu Ling here : Fu Ling Whitening Mask



4. Bai Ji 白芨

Bai Ji has been known as a beauty herb since the use in TCM. It is known as “whitening fairy” for its whitening properties. Bai Ji is used for acnes, boils and repairing of scarring tissues because of its healing properties.

白芨自古就是美容良药,被誉为 “美白仙子” ,有美白祛斑功效。因其消肿生肌,还可治疗痤疮、体癣、疖肿、疤痕等皮肤病。

5. Bai Shao 白

Bai Shao is a very important herb in the treatment of TCM beauty care because of its role in nourishing liver, blood and regulating menses of women. Through this action, it helps in treating melasma, rough and dull coloured skin conditions.  Because Bai Shao is able to control the Yang of the Liver, it is also used in skin condition caused by emotional distress like post-natal blues and menopausal syndrome.


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