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Healthy Lungs for Great Skin and Hair

Dec 19, 2018

TCM beauty singapore - Healthy Lungs for Great Skin and Hair

With TCM beauty singapore, The Lung’s major functions include maintaining healthy immune defenses against pathogens, as well as circulating Qi and fluids throughout the body. The lungs regulate water passages by circulating body fluids and controlling the metabolism of water in the body.

TCM beauty singapore - Healthy Lungs for Great Skin and Hair

When Lung Qi is deficient, the immunity of the body is weak and one is susceptible to cold and prone to falling sick. Hence it is important to focus on strengthening the lungs for good immunity. There are many ways in which the lungs can be nourished to boost the Lung Qi, such as regular exercise like swimming and diet to nourish the Lungs. Foods that nourish the spleen and kidney are often beneficial to the lungs as well.

Invasion of external pathogens can disrupt the normal movement of Lungs Qi, cause abnormal secretions in the respiratory tract and induce coughing. A weak spleen may also be the cause of excessive production of phlegm. The nose is the sensory organ related to the Lung. Runny nose, sneezing, congested sinuses, loss of smell, are all symptoms of weak Lung function.

If you want to have healthy, clear, wrinkle-free skin, it’s important to take care of the Lungs.

The lungs are connected with our skin and body hair. Our skin and hair get their nourishment through the lungs’ regulation of fluids and Qi. Hence the health of our lungs is reflected in the appearance of the skin. For example, dry skin may imply that Lungs Qi and Yin are inadequate to nourish the skin surface or the appearance of acne may be attributed to heatiness in the lungs. You may also have noticed that people with weak lung functions or nose allergies or asthma also tend to have dry, itchy skin or have sensitive and eczema-prone skin. When Lung Qi is deficient, our hair does not get enough nourishment and becomes dry and brittle.

Exercise is a good way to regulate the Lung Qi. Deep breathing exercises, meditation as well as practising Qigong helps to calm the mind, slows down heart rate and regulate our breathing. Deep breathing also calms the heart and expels the stagnant air and allows Qi to flow freely.

What are some of the foods that nourishes the lungs?

Generally, food that are pungent & warming, white and light-coloured are considered to be nourishing to the Lungs such as horseradish, onions, garlic, radish, almonds, chili, curry, ginger, pepper. White meat and low fat protein such as tofu and beans are also beneficial. Avoid food that is cold & raw or processed. Avoid phlegm-forming food such as dairy, oily and fatty food, sugar, cold food and drinks.

These foods or herbs are especially beneficial to the lungs and also for nourishing the skin, White Fungus, mushrooms, white radish, lotus seeds, Astralagus (Huang Qi)Ginseng and Apricot seeds (Xingren), Fritillaria (Chuan Bei Mu), Wild Yam( Shan Yao), Peony Root (Bai Shao) and Cordyceps (Dongchong Xiacao). There is one recipe- Stewed Pear with Chuan Bei that I have been using and it always helps when I have a bit of dry throat or cough. Now I prepare it every 2 weeks like a dessert to nourish my lungs and also prevent cough.