Jade Face Roller in Rose Gold
Jade Face Roller in Rose Gold

Jade Face Roller in Rose Gold

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How to use

1) Before the massage, ensure face is clean.

2) Massage oil or serum can be used as the base.

3) Roll from the bottom-up and outwards.

4) For eye area, use the small roller, from the inside of the eye outwards, clockwise direction.

5) Regular use reduces wrinkles around the eyes and also reduces puffiness. Ensure slow rolling action. Add some oil or serum to reduce the friction so skin is not pulled/tugged.

6) Use daily for about 10 minutes. Roller can be placed in the refrigerator and used for shrinking pores, reducing puffiness. 

7) Wipe roller with a clean, dry or slightly damp cloth after each use. Do not wash or submerge in water.

Warning: Do not wash the jade roller in hot water or expose to harsh chemicals.


Color: Natural Jade Stone set in Rose Gold Stainless Steel Hardware

- Length: 135mm

- Weight: 80-100g

- 2 wheels, big roller for face and small roller for eye area

Jade Face Roller in Rose Gold

Jade Face Roller in Rose Gold

Regular price $42.00 SGD
Sale price $42.00 SGD Regular price


Natural Jade


This luxurious facial roller is made from natural jade in a unique and beautiful rose gold stainless steel setting. Stainless steel does not rust and ensures smooth rolling unlike normal rollers with brass hardware.

Real Jade promotes blood circulation and metabolism of the skin surface and promotes skin elasticity. The ultra smooth surface feels great when using for facial massage. It also works great on the neck, back and foot. It has 2 sides, one larger wheel for larger areas like the cheeks and forehead and another smaller roller for smaller areas like the nose and around the eyes.

This Jade roller can also be placed in the fridge for a cooling effect while rolling. It also tightens pores when used cold. Regular facial massage helps in blood circulation, improves lymphatic drainage, reduces puffiness and reduces sagging and helps in firming & lifting by stimulating collagen production naturally. You cannot live without it once you experience the effects of it.

In TCM, Guasha massage and facial massage using facial rollers boosts circulation of blood & Qi to your face, stimulates the flow of lymphatic fluid and eliminates toxins and rejuvenates skin cells. It is an essential TCM Beauty routine to achieve a more youthful appearance. With good lymphatic drainage, our face will look less puffy, lifted and more sculpted with more prominent jawline and cheekbones. It also stimulates the production of collagen for firmer skin. The effect of rolling aids the absorption of skincare products- great for use after application of serum, essence or moisturisers. While applying a facial sheet mask, you can also use the Jade roller to increase the absorption and effectiveness of the mask. 

It's durable & portable and can be used daily to aid absorption of your skincare products or just for soothing and relaxation.