8 Treasures Tonic Soup

May 22, 2019

8 Treasures Tonic Soup 八珍汤

This 8 treasure tonic soup formula is used to replenish qi and blood, which helps to address fatigue, poor mental function, anxiety, palpitations, light headedness, and pale complexion. In actual fact, this tonic soup can be drank by both men and women for various conditions, but it is most commonly used to restore balance and vitality to women after their menstrual cycles. It works great for those who commonly get menstrual cramps or if you feel constantly tired after menses. It’s also commonly given to patients after surgeries to replenish their Qi and energy. Sometimes after a bout of illness, you don’t feel like you have regained your normal level of energy. Then its time to replenish your Qi and Blood.

Women tend to be more prone to deficiency of blood and qi because of their different reproductive system structure and physiological functions – menses, pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. These factors could easily cause woman to age prematurely, or prone to deficiencies due to malnutrition of the body’s organs. This TCM tonic soup is a great way to replenish and nourish our beauty from inside. Qi and blood is crucial to nourish our skin and therefore all women should always nourish our blood and qi.

The 8 ingredients used in this tonic soup are:

  • Chinese Angelica Root – Dang Gui Shen/ 当归身

  • White Atrocytlodes rhizomes – Bai Zhu/ 白术

  • Rehmannia – Shu Di Huang/ 熟地黄

  • Codonopsis root – Dang Shen/ 党参

  • White peony root – Bai Shao/ 白芍

  • Poria Cocos– Fu Ling/ 茯苓

  • Sichuan Lovage – Chuang Xiong/ 川芎

  • Honey Fried Licorice Root – Zhi Gan Cao/ 炙甘草

8 Treasures Tonic Soup Ba Zhen Tang

Most TCM shops in Singapore or Asia sell this tonic soup already packaged so you don’t have to buy the ingredients separately. However, if you have a specific condition or if you are unsure of the dosage, then its best to consult the TCM physician to get a specially prescribed dose. In addition to the 8 ingredients listed above, I added wolfberries, 枸杞子 to it for a bit more sweetness. If you want to make it less bitter, you can also add honey dates, 蜜枣 or red dates, 红枣 to it.


Just rinse the herbs, simmer them together with some chicken (or black chicken) for 1 hour and it’s done! Drink it once a month and be on your way to a more beautiful you!

8 treasures tonic soup to replenish blood and qi  ba zhen tang

This soup works for those symptoms and signs caused by blood-qi deficiency. It is not suitable if you have high internal heat or having fever and cold. For women, drink it after the menses not during the menses. If you are not sure, please consult your TCM physician for recommendations.